A New Vision For Travel Health: From Relief Pharmacist to Tech Entrepreneur

A Feature on Stephanie El-Chakieh

Woman of the Month Feature | December 2018 Edition

In collaboration with MTLTIPS

Intro to Stephanie El-Chakieh


Figuring out a career path was easy for Stephanie El-Chakieh. A determined and disciplined student all her life and growing up in an environment that was conducive to growth and accepting in nature, she had made up her mind to become a pharmacist as early as she entered high school. Successfully completing her degree in pharmacy and upon graduation, however, she found herself unsure of what her career path should look like in the long run. Logically enough, she thought the answer might be found in pursuing her studies in higher education. So, she applied for a master’s degree in Pharmacotherapy.

After graduating, she began working as a relief pharmacist in hospitals across Canada allowing her to travel and develop the capacity to adapt to new environments, cultures and technological systems.

Her curiosity and intensity toward the tasks she took on, noticeably helped distinguish Stephanie from her peers. Dissatisfied with all that soon became routine and having worked in over 15 hospitals and many pharmacies across the Province, change soon became what normalcy looked like for her. The desire for bigger accomplishments and making an impact in this world fueled her passion and inner drive for more.


Travelling and spending time in remote locations in Quebec and later a spiritual journey to India not only contributed to Stephanie’s personal growth and worldview, it also became a pivot to initiate a project that would shift paradigms in healthcare and tourism. Passionate about travelling herself, she saw value in exploring the unknown, meeting new people and cultures. Establishing catalytic connections and relationships across the globe had her identify the link missing between health and tourism and birthing the idea that later blossomed into Volyse, a virtual travel health clinic.

“Volyse’s mission is to stand against preventable infectious diseases and travel related problems caused by lack of awareness and knowledge.’

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