Company Feature: Meet COCHIC

All innovations start with the identification of a problem. During her professional life, Patrizia Casubolo was often surrounded by a large number of businessmen. These men often complained that women had many options allowing them to feel comfortable in their clothing and they did not. "It's so simple! All we need is a magic button to give us a little more comfort in the collar to make us happy! ", one of her male colleagues once told her at an international conference.

She began to observe and indeed, many people were struggling with a shirt collar that was much too tight for their physiognomy. By the way, she didn't have to go far: her own father had this same challenge! He once handed her a button and a small piece of elastic in her hand and said, "Here, there must be something you can do with this! "

" I thought his solution was pretty ingenious, but at the same time, the more I thought about how to make this idea a reality. The more I also saw the challenges I would face! How to make sure it would last? That it is just the right size and elasticity to fit all neck sizes, and therefore ultra comfortable? That it will stand the test of time? And yet be a chic and trendy

fashion item that everyone can and will wear with pride? " Patrizia recalls as she is recording her story with Amazon to be soon showcased as one of Amazon Merchants' success stories series.

The solution came after multiple prototypes, testing sessions and continuous improvements, to finally create the innovative and patented COCHIC extender button.

The final product is:

- An extender button available in two sizes with 100% elasticity

- Slim, one-piece design for ultimate pressure-free comfort

- Resistant to yellowing or any color fading

- Proven optimal durability to wear and alternate wear

- Resistance to stretch for both the COCHIC collar and pant extender

- Chic, COCHIC design available in a variety of colors and materials

Patrizia has since tackled her challenge, not just with the button extender, but with COCHIC entire product line. COCHIC's mission is to continue to meet many others in order to always present individuals with fashion items that are imbued with the same passion, creativity, innovation, uniqueness and quality.

Finally, being COCHIC is as simple as that! Be chic and let COCHIC take care of your comfort!

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