Company Feature : Meet PEARLL

The past couple of years have shown how, now more than ever, wellness needs to be at the forefront of our priorities not only as individuals, but as organizations as well. The changing nature of the workplace has only added complexity to the ways that we seek out and sustain wellbeing. It would seem that every week there is a new tech company promising us the next best performance enhancing item. However, there is a definitive lack of health apps that make it their primary focus to harmonize the body and mind in a way that is both manageable in the moment, and sustainable in the long run.

Can digital technology really harness and change human behaviours for the better?


Enter PEARLL: a digital wellbeing app that understands the value of technology at the service of humans. Described as “if your doctor, naturopath, personal trainer, nutritionist, therapist, mindfulness coach, and best friend made a baby”, PEARLL utilizes the latest technology and scientific findings to create digital wellness plans. These plans introduce you to incremental habit changes in order to address prevalent health concerns.

PEARLL is here to disrupt the wellness industry’s complicated and often contradictory approach to human health. All of its plans are backed by science, and created by leading doctors and wellness experts. It is also the first health app to approach wellbeing with a truly integrative lens; offering daily guidance in nutrition, consciousness, movement, natural therapy, and living habits to truly transform your wellbeing.

PEARLL offers small, incremental changes that are easy to manage to ensure that the benefits get compounded over time. This leads to a significant positive impact on your wellbeing without the overwhelming crash and burn of a fad diet or new exercise machine.

And PEARLL understands that you’re busy; that’s why their plans are adaptable and personalized. The app begins by getting to know you, so that its plan recommendations are perfectly tailored to your lifestyle.

“With hectic schedules that most people lead, there is little time to consider physical and mental wellbeing,” says Dr. Donna Ruiz, another one of the doctors behind the app. “The true advantage of PEARLL is that it creates structure in one’s daily life by incorporating vital components such as diet, meditation, sleep, and exercise in addition to addressing various health conditions.”

PEARLL offers this structure in a way that is simple and easy to follow. The schedule is flexible and activities are customizable.

Currently available to those in the USA and Canada, PEARLL offers those who use it the opportunity to create lasting change in their lives. The best part is that it doesn’t matter what your current work lifestyle is - PEARLL was designed to fit seamlessly into the lives of all professionals; whether that means working exclusively from home, the office, the local café, or a blend of all the above.

Min Krishnamurthy, another leading health expert behind PEARLL, captures it best: “Wellness is unique for each individual. That’s why I love PEARLL: It beautifully tailors its bite-sized suggestions to fit our lives and goals. PEARLL is that inner voice that drowns out the noise and helps keep us on track to be the best version of ourselves.”

PEARLL is the perfect companion for work - life balance because it is tailored specifically to you and offers the flexibility we all need. Its small, easy-to-manage activities, (many of which are desk-friendly!) as well as the digital human-centric nature of the programs all contribute to an app that is both practical and welcome.

For more information on PEARLL and how to get started - head over to and register directly on their website.

What's more? Use the code SOCIALLYMONTREAL to enjoy 25% off and donate $25 per every subscription to a homeless shelter in Montréal, Quebec.

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