Authenticity at the Work Place

We are encouraged to push for more...... money, responsibility, and respect. But as workplace culture evolves, learning to lean out is just as important as learning to lean in.

Most of us have a work persona. There are parts of ourselves we feel uncomfortable revealing to others at work. Many of us hold back a big part of what makes us human and vulnerable in order to be seen as professional, competent, and successful.

Over time, as we have interacted with the people, the institutions, and the world around us, we have learned to conform. To fit it. Yet, often we find that fitting in through conformity is actually forcing us to diminish our best assets and talents. To be authentic is to honor who we are at our very core and share these best talents with others.

In the workplace, failure must be allowed because it is the only way that authenticity can flourish. Mistakes will be made, but if employees feel safe in admitting mistakes, they are more likely to take a risk, to try something new, to find more productive ways to use their talents and work with their strengths.

If individuals in the workplace are consistently embracing their true authentic behavior, their reaction to the world around them will be more consistent rather than trying to figure out how they think they should act based on conformity.

In life we all assume different roles and, consequently, we behave in different manners to best accommodate those roles. But it is the honesty and consistency we display and the way we exemplify our inner core that determines our authenticity.

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